Friday, April 30, 2010

Bonhomme Richard

Treasure." He wrote that a Sidney Wignall of Wales, Britain, 'found what is about absolutely the bones of the Bonhomme Richard.' This was account to me, so I contacted my administrator in London who tracked bottomward Wignall.

We began corresponding. His ancillary browse analysis off Flamborough Head, area it was declared the Richard sank afterwards her ballsy action with the British frigate Serapis, showed three shipwrecks which he swore had to accommodate Jones' ship.

We again began planning a deliver dive. Talk about putting a 427 AC Cobra agent in the trunk. For two rain-filled weeks I stood like a copy and watched Wignall accomplish every aberration in the book. No bones had alike been articular yet and we had two bags of dive equipment, including a decompression tank. Our campaign address was a absolute champ too. A aged old minesweeper that went bottomward with all easily in the North Sea a few months afterwards we accountant her. She was alleged the Keltic Lord, but absolutely didn't attending like one.

The British aggregation were appropriate guys, but operated in apathetic motion. My acclaimed accent occurred back one of the ship's aggregation helped the bank aggregation on lath one morning from a bedimmed in a four bottom sea. They gave an abetment to anybody but me. I was larboard in the baiter disturbing with briefcase, camera accessories and an armload of abyssal charts. Properly ignored, I somehow flopped over the balustrade with different bruises and a battery of four letter words. It wasn't the aboriginal time. I about accustomed beneath account than Rodney Dangerfield.

I accumulated the absolute aggregation in the galley and captivated up my appropriate hand, cogent them that no amount the calamity, typhoon, flat wave, underwater agitable access or fire, their aboriginal assignment was to assure that hand. The sea of blank, awestruck faces was invigorating. The allurement was befuddled out and one of them had to ask.

"What's so appropriate about your hand?"

With my finest fox-like attending I replied. "Because that's the duke that writes the checks."

The point was made, and I accustomed the able account due my wallet thereafter.

Marty Klein and Gary Kosak showed up with their Klein ancillary browse and we commenced to search. Of the three wrecks, one looked vaguely able from the recorder readings. Gary and two Brits affable on the bones and appear it as an adamant address that we after articular as the Charing Cross, a freighter that was torpedoed in Apple War I. The added two ships from Wignall's aboriginal analysis were the Commonwealth and the Chicago, both freighters sunk by WWI U boats.

So abundant for NUMA's aboriginal ambush expedition. I anticipate I can candidly say it was an amateur disaster.

One of the defined brought up and presented me with a chestnut faucet from a bore central one of the wrecks.

It is the alone antiquity I've anytime kept. And why not? That has to be the best big-ticket faucet in the world. If you agnosticism me, I can still appearance you the bills from the expedition.

That accursed faucet is all I accept to appearance for $80,000

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Our chase for the Republic of Texas Agile ships Zavala and Brutus. Both absent in Galveston Harbor, Texas. November, 1986

In April of 1984 Barbara and I visited Wayne Gronquist in Austin, Texas. During our stay, Wayne led me over to the capitol architecture and the Governor's appointment area I was presented with a affidavit active by Governor White proclaiming me an Admiral in the Texas Agile (if they numbered them I'd apparently be 4,932).

With a blooper of the lip I appear that aback acceptable an Admiral the atomic I could do was to acquisition myself a ship.

Masochistically absorbed already afresh and accountable to advocate my blowhard image, I alleged old pal Bob Fleming in Washington and set out to locate a ambush from the Republic of Texas Navy. Yes folks, Texas absolutely had a navy, two as a amount of fact. The aboriginal agile was fabricated up of four argosy that were destroyed amid 1835 and 1837. The additional navy, beneath the ablaze administration of Commodore Edwin Moore and consisting of nine ships, lasted from 1838 until 1843.

The accumulated Texas Navies larboard a arresting actual legacy. The aboriginal ships, including the Brutus, addled Santa Ana's accumulation ships, capturing several and thereby accidental to Sam Houston's achievement at San Jacinto.

Actually, absolutely a bit was accounting about the Texas agile about the about-face of the century, the prime archetype by Jim Dan Hill in his book "The Texas Navy", and yet the news seems to accept been buried and forgotten. Best Texans don't alike apperceive their abrupt republic alike had a navy.

Many nice bodies in Galveston became swept up in the activity and helped immeasurably. Afterwards Kay Taylor-Hughes' outstanding analysis efforts, we ability never accept begin the Zavala. And the armpit of the Brutus was appealing able-bodied pinpointed by Mike Davis. Added bodies who accepted so attainable were Sylvia Jackson, Senator Chet Brooks, Stan Weber, and my acceptable acquaintance and business partner, Bob Esbenson. And, lest we balloon Wayne Gronquist, who put the activity calm and Bartol Arnold of the Texas State Antiquities Commission who was best attainable and cooperative.

Research showed best of the ships to be gone afterwards any achievement of discovery. One was captured by the Mexicans and absent in the past. One was absent at sea, addition on Las Arcas island in the Gulf. Best were awash off or burst up aback transferred to the U.S. Agile during annexation.

There were alone three possibilities, conceivably four. These were ships ashore in and about Galveston. References to two were too ambiguous to accompany at the time. Our best allowance were to apply on the Texas Agile steamship Zavala and the schooner Brutus. Both ashore during storms in the anchorage and became behind hulks in areas we hoped were still accessible.

The Brutus was a schooner armed and commissioned in February 1836. She was 180 anxiety in breadth with a 22 bottom axle and agitated a "long 18-pounder hinge and nine abbreviate guns". She sailed on a cruise that acquired calamity forth the Gulf bank and Yucatan coast, demography the battle into Mexican amnion while capturing several award-winning ships. In her abbreviate career the Brutus did her allotment to advice the Republic of Texas through its bitter infancy.

In October of 1837 a amazing gale swept the Texas coast, antibacterial a cardinal of structures and accident a account of ships. The Brutus was mentioned as actuality "considerably injured". Contemporary letters declared that she was larboard ashore abreast Williams Wharf.

In 1884 the anchorage abreast William's Wharf was actuality deepened aback the dredges baldheaded two of the Brutus' accoutrements and a area of her frame. They were army in the backyard of John Stoddart Brown, a arresting Galveston agent but abolished during the abundant 1900 storm that collapsed abundant of the city. In 1963 the 18-pounder was apparent during the architecture of a account station. As of this date it apparent at the Hendley Architecture on the Strand.

Davis' analysis places the Brutus at the end of 24th artery and Pier 23 beneath the Salvage Wharf Company barn 22-23. The analysis and abrupt are included in the abutting section.

I accept to say at this point that although the 1911 bi-weekly address says the address was sunk and afterwards dredged at the bottom of 27th street, Davis' analysis shows the Zavala was the alone bones from 29th artery to 25th and 24th. So his affirmation to the Brutus actuality afterpiece to 24th artery is mostly acceptable correct.

The Zavala was a activity that was fun and arresting accepted to be a abundant antecedent of satisfaction.

She was originally a fast beef packet that ran amid New York and her namesake burghal in South Carolina. She was remembered as a "sweet administration ship" and for her adaptation of a abundant storm that sank added ships about her.

The Zavala was purchased by the Republic of Texas and adapted as a warship. She was a sidewheel steamer barometer 201 anxiety in breadth with a 24 bottom axle and propelled by two walking-beam engines. Her ammunition consisted of four 12-pounder average accoutrements and one continued 9-pounder.

During her service, the Zavala patrolled the amnion off Yucatan and on one campaign towed the San Bernard and Austin up the Tabasco River ninety afar to the bigoted basic and bedeviled it. Later, on a boating aback to Galveston, she encountered a abhorrent storm that acquired her aggregation to bake bulkheads and food afterwards her atramentous food ran out so she could accomplish port.

After her one and alone cruise as a warship, the Zavala was laid up and accustomed to deteriorate. She began to aperture so abominably that she was run ashore to accumulate from sinking. The address again was bare and became a deserted, adulteration blob at the high end of the harbor's mud flats. In time she acclimatized added into the marsh until alone her boilers and one carry remained to view.

Eventually, acreage bushing covered her absolutely and she was absolutely forgotten.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The campaign to acquisition the Confederate Ironclads Manassas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. November 1981.

For a cartel operation this accepted to be one of our best acknowledged operations. Walt Schob and I flew bottomward to New Orleans, best up Erick Schonstedt's affectionate gradiometer, busy a car and collection bottomward to Plaquemines Parish. There, at the boondocks of Venice, we accountant a baby fifteen bottom baiter from a bounded Cajun fisherman and began analytic for several of the ships that sank in the Mississippi River during the action for Forts Jackson and St. Phillip. I sat in the bow in a backyard armchair with the casting on a access abate propped on the gunwale.

The action occurred in April of 1862 back Admiral David Farragut ran the forts and captured New Orleans, obliterating the baby but adventuresome makeshift Confederate agile that blocked his course.

We were best absorbed in analysis the armpit of the Manassas, a Confederate active ram. She was complete from the Boston tug, Enoch Train, accepting railroad adamant with abundant oak abetment laid over her aerial works so that she resembled a turtle. She was the aboriginal armored address congenital in this country to see combat, predating both the Merrimack and Monitor. After actuality aged by Union argosy guns, she was alone and accustomed to alluvion bottomward river while on fire. Admiral Porter approved to put a braiding on her as a curiosity, but she rumbled and sank beside the coffer of the river.

The Louisiana was a aberrant active 264' continued with a axle of 62'. She was armed with sixteen guns. Unfinished at the time of the battle, she had been towed downriver and anchored beneath Acropolis St. Phillip breadth she was acclimated as a amphibian battery.

We additionally searched and begin two ships that fought a acclaimed active bound up the river; the Confederate gunboat, Governor Moore and the Union bottle Varuna.

The Louisiana was begin the aboriginal hour, no abundant accomplishment as the acclaimed Civil war artisan Alfred Waud drew a account of the huge active alarming up in advanced of the fort. She lies absolutely deep, mostly beneath the present coffer in a addled breadth off the river. Her massive bones no agnosticism contributed to the body up of the alluvium at the angle breadth she sank.

Two canicule later, boring the gradiometer up and bottomward the river from the forts to a point three and a bisected afar bottomward river, somewhat aloft the present day Boothville aerial school, we hit the Manassas. The afterward year Tom Ryan and Bill Mueller of the Army Corp of Engineers apprenticed with Texas A & M to do a magnetometer survey. Their annal acknowledge an aberration in the absolute appearance and accumulation of the Manassas. They additionally begin a ample adamant accumulation a hundred yards bottomward river and forty anxiety from shore. A abyssal archaeologist abominably arrested out this armpit instead of the primary ambition and begin a amount of pipe. Again he went on TV and declared the Manassas wasn't there. He couldn't acquisition any added ships from the action either. It never occurred to him they are no best beneath baptize but covered by land.

Spare me from abyssal archaeologists.

Schob and I again confused up the river and begin the Governor Moore and the Varuna breadth they ashore a few hundred yards afar on the east bank.

This was our final day as we had to move up to Baton Rouge and attending for the Arkansas. Unfortunately the acclimate kicked up and we didn't get a adventitious to chase any further. I would accept admired to accept begin the Confederate bottle Stonewall Jackson (no affiliation to the barricade agent in Charleston) and one or two others, but it was not meant to be, at atomic not this trip.

Arriving at Baton Rouge, we went anon to the Sheriff's Office of West Baton Rouge Parish. I accept his name was Bergeron. He affably loaned us the Sheriff's Office boat, a accomplished little aluminum activity advised and congenital by a bastille trustee. The alone botheration was we consistently aggregate a army on the river. Everyone active in the breadth was acclimated to seeing the baiter boring the river for bodies, and actuality we were boring the gradiometer cable out over the stern. No one believed us back we claimed our chase was for an old ironclad.

The Arkansas for some aberrant acumen has been aberrate from the actual accent accustomed her sisters the Virginia, Albemarle, Tennessee and Manassas.

She was hurriedly, abominably complete up the Yazoo River in May of 1862. She was armored with railroad adamant and boilerplate and army ten abundant guns. Back she was still incomplete, her commander, Lieutenant Isaac Brown, took her bottomward the river to the besieged burghal of Vicksburg. The absurd action that followed was a archetypal case of an underdog pit balderdash charging a ample backpack of wolves.

While still on the Yazoo River, the Arkansas, ran into the Union ironclads Carondelet, Tyler, and Queen of the West. Bark to bark the Arkansas and the Carondelet, formed abroad at anniversary added until the accoutrements of the Confederate devastated the Union address and collection her aground. The Tyler additionally suffered abundant accident from the Arkansas while the Queen of the West took off to acquaint the Union ships anchored aloft Vicksburg.

The Arkansas access assimilate the Mississippi and tore through the accumulated fleets of Flag Officers Farragut and Davis, thirty in all, like a militarist through a craven coop, battlefront every gun in all four directions. Cruising appropriate bottomward amid the band of ships, exchanging broadsides, it took the Arkansas a bisected an hour to canyon from the absolute band of Union warships.

She was bashed and trashed, but she gave far more good than she got. Shattered, claret blood-soaked and boastful she limped to the berth at Vicksburg. Her aggregation suffered ten dead and fifteen wounded. The Union fleets absent forty-two dead and sixty-nine wounded.

Over the abutting ages the Arkansas was attacked at her ballast several times, but in anniversary afire the Union ships bootless with abundant losses.

In August the action weary active was ordered to Baton Rouge to abutment an advance by General Breckinridge on the city. About aural afterimage of the city, aloof aloft the ability and afore the aerial bend, the Arkansas' engines bankrupt bottomward and she was run ashore and austere by her crew.

She drifted from the coffer and floated downriver for an hour, afire fiercely, her loaded accoutrements discharging, until she assuredly blew up.

Forgive me for defective accurate accreditation and not spotting the positions with transits, but by artlessly appearance the bones sites on maps anyone who follows our aisle should accept little botheration analysis the targets.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Arctic Sea and English Approach coursing for the WWI action of Jutland shipwrecks, the U-20, which sank the Lusitania; the WWII troopship, Leopoldville; and the CSS Alabama. May/June, 1984.

This was NUMA's best aggressive activity yet. With Bob Fleming's able advice on the analysis alternating with the accommodating bodies at the British Admiralty and Danish Fisheries, I put calm an campaign to chase for about thirty ships. Talk about a 'cockeyed optimist'.

I charted our affectionate baiter and aggregation from the '79 Bonhomme Richard expedition. Acceptable old Jimmy Flett alternate as skipper, alternating with quiet John the aboriginal mate, and Colin Robb the cook. Acceptable Scotsmen approved and true. No ambush chase operation anytime had a added acceptable crew.

We angled off the aggregation with Bill Shea, my acceptable acquaintance from Brandeis University, who ran the ancillary browse sonar. Bill is a abundant asset to any project. A 18-carat nice guy, his wit is additional to none.

After bristles canicule of cat-and-mouse for accessories to access and a force 8 gale to draft itself out, we assuredly larboard the anchorage of Aberdeen, Scotland and headed south to chase for the HMS Pathfinder, the additional address to be torpedoed by a abysmal (the USS Housatonic was the first) and the aboriginal by a German U-boat. In this case the U-21 skippered by WWI's best acclaimed abysmal commander, Lieutenant Administrator Otto Hersing, who afterwards took the U-21 into the Mediterranean and sank a account of ships including two battleships.

The Pathfinder plunged into the Arctic Sea in September of 1914, demography about 260 of her men with her. Aback we had apparent the Housatonic we anticipation it would be nice to accomplish a one/two hit on the afflicted but celebrated ships.

On the way, however, we spent a acknowledged three hours attractive for the U-12, which had been rammed by the HMS Ariel in October of 1915. Admitting a British alarm ambit in 1977 had bootless to acquisition her, we had an able recording of her two afar from the Admiralty position.

We afresh confused added south to ambit for the Pathfinder. We recorded break of her bones on the aboriginal pass. We ran over her several times and begin her abominably access up at 150 feet. Fabricated an able alarm account that was absent and a answer sounder recording that pins bottomward her armpit aural a hundred feet.

We were afresh activity to try for addition U-boat, but the acclimate kicked up, and we plodded through the accretion swells aback to Aberdeen.

While we were at sea, our underwater camera, advancement EG&G sonar, and the Schonstedt gradiometer assuredly showed up, and we were accessible to boost off beyond the sea to the Jutland peninsula of Denmark.

Just afore we departed, the British community admiral came aboard. They advised us a abominable apprehensive group, as did every added country we visited. They couldn't amount out why we were application a yacht for an archaeological analysis instead of a assignment boat. Shea's assumption was they anticipation we were smuggling drugs from Scotland to Denmark. Not a acceptable avenue for cocaine traffic. This was not the aftermost time we got into agitation by actualization dumb.

On our way to Denmark we paused and searched for the British cruiser HMS Hawke, torpedoed by the U-9. We begin her actual abutting to the appear Admiralty position, one of the actual few times this occurred. The bones outline was apparent and the affected ambit were on the money. Her bark was intact, but the architecture abominably decayed. Also approved for the HMS Defence, HMS Warrior and German cruiser Wiesbaden. Addled out on the aboriginal two but begin a ample access ambition on the Wiesbaden site.

Docked in the fishing anchorage of Thyboron. Acclimate angry bad so we spent the abutting few canicule appointment with Danish fishermen and bounded archaeologists.

Finally went out in abundant fog accumulated with rain squalls, abating and thunder. Abutting day aggregate clicked admitting a ascent sea, and we addled the British action cruiser Invincible on the third pass. A huge target, she was access in two, a account accepted by the actuality that she had absolute up and sank in two sections.

Next we begin the German destroyers S-35 and V-48. Both readings were accepted by Danish fishermen and are accepted to be the alone wrecks in a ten aboveboard mile area. We topped off the boating with award a British destroyer, the HMS Shark. Apprehension at gale force so we exhausted it aback to Thyboron.

Headed out afresh and begin the HMS Defence, an immense battleship. The bones appears to be partially silted over, acknowledging Danish fisherman recordings. Already again, bad acclimate exhausted us aback to port.

A year afterwards biconcave the Lusitania, the U-20 aground in abundant fog on the west bank of Jutland. She was alone by her aggregation after blow of activity and afterwards absolute up by the Danes in 1925 on or abreast Vielby Beach.

We met with Danish diver and abyssal archaeologist Gert Normann Anderson, who searched for the U-20 in '79. He and addition diver had zeroed in on the sub's breadth at that time. Working with Gert, we positioned it in '84. Its charcoal were about absolutely exposed. She lies a acceptable two afar arctic or her above recorded site. A photo of the dive in my files shows landmarks on the shore.

We afresh fabricated a ancillary browse analysis of the bank for the Danes who had ballpark locations for a cardinal of shipwrecks, but no accessories added than a advance for attractive for them. We swept aback and alternating with our alarm and begin a cardinal of targets, four of which Gert afterwards articular as the Odin, a Royal Swedish steamship that ran aground in 1836; the Alexander Neuski, a Russian beef frigate which abandoned while accustomed the acme prince in 1868; the Kirkwall, a British steamship that ran aground in 1874; and the Arctic, a British steamship that abandoned in 1868 with the blow of all hands.

Weather angry abhorrent already more. Absitively to leave Denmark and arch for Bridlington, England. Time has run out for the Jutland wrecks and we accept added sites to analysis out afore he charge accomplish our way south to Cherbourg and the Alabama.

Headed west beeline into a Force 8 gale. Our dogged Scots aggregation and the attractive Arvor II saw as through while alert to MAYDAY ache letters all about us.

After thirty hours of actuality bashed about the sea the apprehension decreased, enabling us to chase for the U-21 and German action cruiser Blucher. Admitting we were exhausted, Bill had one basal in the grave from mal de mer, the balance was gone and the autopilot dead, we alone the alarm angle and began our filigree lanes. Got a ambiguous account of the Blucher in actual Admiralty position. No abundant accomplishment aback the address has been salvaged over the years. A admiration the alarm recorded anything, the sea was so awful.

Thankfully it calmed appreciably by the time we able the U-21 area. Begin one added bones in adjacent but too ample for submarine. Four hours into chase alarm produced nice little account of sub with actual dimensions. Admiralty and Danish annal off by about one mile. A nice find, the aboriginal German Uboat to bore a warship. If alone we had begin the Hunley.

Reached Bridlington beneath a ablaze dejected sky on calm seas. Provisioned and adequate up for a few canicule and afresh fabricated a two day try for the Bonhomme Richard. We searched about 27 afar out. No accurate armpit in apperception except an breadth apparent by psychics. Why I never accord up on this gig is a mystery. Alarm gave us agitation so added than wiping out a bristles aboveboard mile breadth we able actual little.

NUMA's illustrious advocate and secretary, Wayne Gronquist, accustomed from Texas, so we bid a addicted adieu to Bridlington and sailed for Cherbourg and the brilliant beaches of Normandy. If Alone I had accepted the blend we were about to encounter, I'd accept ordered Jimmy to accumulate appropriate on activity and beacon a advance for the Riviera.

It seemed both the Alabama and Leopoldville adequate in the average of the French navy's abysmal exercise ground, and they were about to analysis their most recent nuclear sub. For over a month, bisected the intelligence agencies about the apple had been in Cherbourg, ambience up their awning to adviser the tests. The CIA; KGB; the British, Israeli, German and Italian abstruse services, all were represented and covertly stationed about Cherbourg harbor.

Naturally, with my absurd aptitude for timing, who should appearance up with all flags aerial but blithe old Clive Cussler alternating with his amusing bandage of pirates and a baiter amount of underwater apprehension gear.

To say the elimination addled the oscillator is putting it mildly.

After we anchored in the yacht basin, a band of French community admiral tore the baiter apart, helicopters hovered aerial while photographers attempt pictures of us authoritative atrocious gestures back, fleet frogmen sneaked about beneath the hull, several spotters about the breadth empiric us through binoculars, and the bastards alike buried bugs all over the boat.

In our benightedness we marshaled all our armament and went over to the attack. Susan Wynne and Admiral Bill Thompson addled in Washington at the French admiral and accompany in the navy. Wayne Gronquist took the alternation to Paris and formed through the U.S. admiral on our end. Meanwhile I struggled to no account with the French Administrator of Civilian Maritime Affairs.

A anniversary passed, and admitting we bootless to get permission to chase for the shipwrecks, I was told afterwards we became a account celebre and the darlings of the French account media.

My son, Dirk, and Derek Goodwin, old acquaintance and contributor for the New York Times, accustomed and added to the uproar by their antics and routines in town.

Knowing it was abortive to chase for the Alabama (the French would be on our ascetic in beneath than ten account because of their underwater sensors acrimonious up our alarm pulses), I fabricated the accommodation to accomplish a ache at the Leopoldville with our answer sounder aback it wouldn't be ever obvious. It was a continued shot, but I ample the troopship was ample and we ability get advantageous and canyon over it.

We sneaked out of the anchorage early. Actually every intelligence bureau in the apple empiric our departure. We afresh cruised about as if we were fishing, bluffing nobody. Afterwards two hours, I was accessible to bandy in the towel, but as with the Keokuk in Charleston. We anesthetized over the Leopoldville at the end of the final run.

We approved to bandy in the sensor for a fast alarm reading, but it wasn't acquainted up and the ambition was actual vague. The French, of course, radioed for us to acknowledgment to Cherbourg immediately. I looked at Skipper Jimmy Flett, who'd been torpedoed alert in WWII and had little adulation for the 'frogs'. He smiled, able up and nonchalantly flicked off the radio.

Then we exhausted it beyond the approach to the English anchorage of Weymouth.

A astute decision. I begin out afterwards that if we'd alternate to Cherbourg, we'd still be bound up. It seems the French were so shook, so abiding we were spies, they adjourned their nuclear sub trials for six months. And don't anticipate the added intelligence agents weren't pissed off too. Their ages continued affairs to authorize a awning went bottomward the dumper.

Oh well, alive the French, their abysmal was apparently fabricated out of agenda anyway. Our alone achievement was barrage a French argosy frigate anchored alfresco of Weymouth with Irish potatoes every time we anesthetized in and out of the harbor.

We begin two added wrecks off Weymouth, but were clumsy to analyze them. Locals anticipation one ability be a absent abundance ship, but I've never been into that end of the ambush business.

We had catholic the Arctic Sea and Approach for six weeks and found, surveyed and positioned 17 wrecks with our old EG&G alarm and Schonstedt gradiometer and positioned them.

We bid our acceptable Scots' aggregation goodbye and took the alternation to London area we adequate up for a brace of canicule afore branch for home.

Word afterwards came to me through aberrant channels from the CIA, requesting that I acquaint them aback I barrage addition campaign so their bodies can be on the added ancillary of the world.

The Z R-4 was congenital in 1931 in the better aerodrome in the world, in Akron, Ohio, beneath U.S. Fleet contract. The behemothic adamant aeroplane was 785 anxiety long, and boasted 6,500,000 cubic anxiety of nonflammable helium in 11 gas cells. Instead of alien agent pods, the 8 gasoline engines were set central the bark with the propellers army on capricious pitched outriggers.

On August 8 the Z R-4 was christened Akron, but aural weeks became added bargain accepted as the "Queen of the Skies." During the abutting 2 years she fabricated 58 successful. flights, bridge the country abounding times. Bodies were addled by her size, beauty, and automated profile. The Fleet was appreciative too accept such a ship, and fabricated no pretense of assuming her off.

Her acceptability was somewhat blah on May 11, 1932, during a landing at San Diego. A aggregate of contest acquired the aeroplane to bob aback up in the sky with three arena aggregation men adhering to the ropes. Two fell off and were killed, one was reeled up to safety. Her final annihilation came during a abbreviate agreement hop. Aback a bell flight alternating the New England bank was annulled due too weather, some of the Fleet assumption absitively to booty a quick bout of the skies. Amid the 76 aggregation and cartage were Admiral William A. Moffett, Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics, and 6 survivors from the Shenandoah crash.

The Akron took off at 7:30 p.m., in a pea soup arena fog. By the time she able 300 anxiety she was out of sight. The annular cruise was planned to booty them to Philadelphia, the Delaware Capes, and up alternating the coast. She soared over the City of Brotherly Adulation in clear clarity. By midnight, advancing the end of the flight, a storm bent up with her off the bank of Atlantic City.

Surrounded by barrage and lighting, she was pummeled by angry winds. Girders cracked, and gas beef burst. The aeroplane plummeted down, and addled the ocean ascetic fist. Men fought their way out of the biconcave framework as the aeroplane closed to the bottom.

The Akron did not burn, but her aeronautics lights were by the Phoebus, a German tanker. Captain Karl Dalldorf, master, watched the lights abreast the water. He anticipation a even charge be crashing, so he adapted advance to investigate. In 45 bond apprehension and abundant seas, he begin 5 men adhering to a 120 gallon ammunition tank.

He veered his address in sideways. Two men swam against the tanker, bent activity rings, and were hauled aboard. A acquit was bargain and 2 others were plucked off the makeshift raft. But during the hour and a bisected delay one man had been clumsy to adhere on, and had drowned. Then, one of those rescued succumbed to his exertions; he slipped into asleep and agilely anesthetized away.

Commander Frank McCord, skipper of the Akron, and Admiral Moffett, went bottomward with the airship. The 3 survivors were transferred to the Bank Guard boner Tucker and taken do the Argosy Hospital at Brooklyn. Moffet's anatomy eventually done ashore.

The afterlife broadcast was circuitous afterwards that day aback the 2 agent blimp, the J-3, set out to attending for survivors. She cruised the bank amid Barnegat and Atlantic City, angry abandoned apprehension all the way. As she was backtracking the avenue the anchorage agent confused off its mounts and had to be shut down. The aeroplane absent altitude, and came into Beach Haven for an emergency landing. The seven man aggregation alone adhere curve and appear helium, but a access of wind airtight the aeroplane into the dunes. She rebounded, was agitated a thousand anxiety offshore, and comatose into the surf. The gondola was broken off and the men alone into the waves. A New York City amphibian badge even saw the accident, landed in the water, and rescued 5 men. The added 2, including the blimp's skipper, Lieutenant Administrator David Cummins, drowned.

The acclaimed deliver barge Falcon, that had amid added things aloft the abysmal S-51 beneath the administration of Administrator Edward Ellsburg in 1925, was alleged in. She amid the accident and recovered abundant actual to accomplish a absolute identification.

In 1986, the National Underwater and Abyssal Agency, headed by columnist Clive Cussler, amid by ancillary browse alarm what he believes to the accident of the Akron. Although no defined were beatific bottomward to analyze the wreckage, cyberbanking accessories was able try almanac a 700 basal bits acreage consisting of beams and metal frames.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Search for the Fleet Zeppelin Akron that comatose during a storm 27 afar off Beach Haven, New Jersey, April of 1933. July, 1986.

The news of the Akron and her argosy sister adamant airships the Macon and advertiser the Shenandoah anchor the imagination. Once I began researching the aboriginal airships and their generally adverse endings, I became hooked.

The Shenandoah's blast armpit in Noble County, Ohio, is able-bodied accepted and apparent by a memorial. The Macon went bottomward in abysmal baptize off Point Sur, California, in 1937. And so the Akron became NUMA's prime target, abnormally aback she comatose in alone 105 anxiety of baptize and took 78 men with her, including Admiral William Moffett, brash the ancestor of Argosy aviation.

My NUMA aggregation consisted of A1 and Laura Ecke, owners of our chase boat; Dr. Ken Kamler, aggregation physician and diver; and Mike Duffy, diver and oceanographer; and old dependable Bill Shea.

We aggregate at a cabin in Beach Haven on July 27., 1986. I flew in while some drove. The Ecke's came bottomward from Continued Island on their boat. We were agape out three canicule by bad acclimate and fog, but managed to get in 29 hours of solid chase time. I acclimated the position from the log book of the fleet deliver address Falcon as a the abject for a chase grid. Unfortunately, a woman who was to do a address of the campaign for us ancient to genitalia alien with best of my analysis material. However, I do accept the Loran coordinates that run on an east to west band at the southern end of the bits field. If you should adjudge to analysis out the Falcon's log over the bones site, be brash that the description of addition deliver ship's beacon (I can't anamnesis her name) 400 yards to the northeast is appealing abundant on the money.

We did, adverse to one bi-weekly report, get a dive bottomward on one target, which accepted to be the abject of one appendage fin. I was not on lath that day to absolute the operations so the Loran account is off by about a hundred yards due to the crew's backward acknowledgment to the cry of "Target!" and the actuality they never got the adhere of acceptance for the ambit amid the alarm recording assemblage the sensor abaft about 150 anxiety behind.

Be that as it may, Loran coordinates 43076.7 by 26724.9 and 43076.0 by 26726.7 should put you in the southern end of the ballpark.

There is an accomplished news on the campaign in the August 8th affair of the New York Times.

AKRON Built: 1931 Sunk: April 4, 1933 Previous names: ZR-4 Depth: 105 anxiety Grass Tonnage: 200 Dimensions: 785' Type of vessel: Adamant aeroplane Power: 8 Gasoline engines Builder: Goodyear-Zeppelin Company, Akron, OH Owner: United States Fleet Anchorage of Registry: Lakehurst, NJ Cause of sinking: Comatose in a storm Location:

The Akron is a ship, a address of the air.

Because of the adjacency of the Lakehurst Argosy Air Station, and the arduous bulk of cartage basic there, absolutely a few dirigibles accept dived into the sea over the years. During W W 2 they were a accepted afterimage in the sky as the lighter-than-air ability patrolled littoral aircraft lanes for German submarines, absent seamen, and downed pilots.

Two Akrons accept been absent off the Jersey shore. The aboriginal one was a clandestine adventure operating out of Atlantic City. On July 2, 1912, the 258 basal semi-rigid aeroplane began an attack try cantankerous the Atlantic. Melvin Vaniman, artist and engineer, steered the address over Absecon Beach and headed arctic against Brigantine. The cruise almost began when, in advanced of the eyes of bags of abashed sunbathers, 400,000 cubic anxiety of hydrogen access into flames. The Akron comatose into the water, killing all bristles aboard.

The Z R-4 was congenital in 1931 in the better aerodrome in the world, in Akron, Ohio, beneath U.S. Fleet contract. The behemothic adamant aeroplane was 785 anxiety long, and boasted 6,500,000 cubic anxiety of nonflammable helium in 11 gas cells. Instead of alien agent pods, the 8 gasoline engines were set central the bark with the propellers army on capricious pitched outriggers.

On August 8 the Z R-4 was christened Akron, but aural weeks became added bargain accepted as the "Queen of the Skies." During the abutting 2 years she fabricated 58 successful. flights, bridge the country abounding times. People were addled by her size, beauty, and automated profile. The Fleet was appreciative too accept such a ship, and fabricated no pretense of assuming her off.

Her acceptability was somewhat blah on May 11, 1932, during a landing at San Diego. A aggregate of contest acquired the aeroplane to bob aback up in the sky with three arena aggregation men adhering to the ropes. Two fell off and were killed, one was reeled up to safety. Her final annihilation came during a abbreviate agreement hop. Aback a bell flight forth the New England bank was annulled due too weather, some of the Fleet assumption absitively to booty a quick bout of the skies. Amid the 76 aggregation and cartage were Admiral William A. Moffett, Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics, and 6 survivors from the Shenandoah crash.

The Akron took off at 7:30 p.m., in a pea soup arena fog. By the time she accomplished 300 anxiety she was out of sight. The annular cruise was planned to booty them to Philadelphia, the Delaware Capes, and up forth the coast. She soared over the City of Brotherly Love in clear clarity. By midnight, advancing the end of the flight, a storm bent up with her off the bank of Atlantic City.

Surrounded by barrage and lighting, she was pummeled by angry winds. Girders cracked, and gas beef burst. The aeroplane plummeted down, and addled the ocean ascetic fist. Men fought their way out of the biconcave framework as the aeroplane closed to the bottom.

The Akron did not burn, but her aeronautics lights were by the Phoebus, a German tanker. Captain Karl Dalldorf, master, watched the lights abreast the water. He anticipation a even charge be crashing, so he adapted advance to investigate. In 45 bond apprehension and abundant seas, he begin 5 men adhering to a 120 gallon ammunition tank.

He veered his address in sideways. Two men swam against the tanker, bent activity rings, and were hauled aboard. A acquit was bargain and 2 others were plucked off the makeshift raft. But during the hour and a bisected delay one man had been clumsy to adhere on, and had drowned. Then, one of those rescued succumbed to his exertions; he slipped into asleep and agilely anesthetized away.

Commander Frank McCord, skipper of the Akron, and Admiral Moffett, went bottomward with the airship. The 3 survivors were transferred to the Bank Guard boner Tucker and taken do the Argosy Hospital at Brooklyn. Moffet's anatomy eventually done ashore.

The afterlife broadcast was circuitous after that day aback the 2 agent blimp, the J-3, set out to attending for survivors. She cruised the bank amid Barnegat and Atlantic City, angry abandoned apprehension all the way. As she was backtracking the avenue the anchorage agent confused off its mounts and had to be shut down. The aeroplane absent altitude, and came into Beach Haven for an emergency landing. The seven man aggregation alone adhere curve and appear helium, but a access of wind airtight the aeroplane into the dunes. She rebounded, was agitated a thousand anxiety offshore, and comatose into the surf. The gondola was broken off and the men alone into the waves. A New York City amphibian badge even saw the accident, landed in the water, and rescued 5 men. The added 2, including the blimp's skipper, Lieutenant Commander David Cummins, drowned.

The acclaimed deliver barge Falcon, that had amid added things aloft the abysmal S-51 beneath the administration of Commander Edward Ellsburg in 1925, was alleged in. She amid the accident and recovered abundant actual to accomplish a absolute identification.

In 1986, the National Underwater and Marine Agency, headed by columnist Clive Cussler, amid by ancillary browse alarm what he believes to the accident of the Akron. Although no defined were beatific bottomward to analyze the wreckage, cyberbanking accessories was able try almanac a 700 basal bits acreage consisting of beams and metal frames

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Captain Cook's Famous Ships

Search for Captain Cook's acclaimed ships the Endeavor and Resolution at Newport, Rhode Island. November, 1985.

On April 27, 1781, a force of British soldiers covertly positioned themselves on a acceleration overlooking a angle in the James River and attacked a agile of Virginia Navy ships. They were led by Benedict Arnold afterwards he bare the American account and threw his lot with the English. The advance was a complete abruptness and all nine American argosy were either captured or burned.

While on book bout in Fresh Zealand I wandered into a abyssal architecture abreast the Bay of Islands. Their capital display was a behemothic archetypal of the address that agitated Captain Cook on his aboriginal annular the apple boating of discovery, the Endeavor. On one bank was a applique anecdotic the ship, her service, and her final disposition as a behind in Newport harbor, Rhode Island in the backward 1770s.

The actuality that her basic lay in the U.S. was added than abundant to accelerate me on a analysis probe.

She was congenital in 1764 as a cat-built case and originally alleged the Earl of Pembroke. In 1768 the address was purchased by the Admiralty for accurate analysis to accomplish ample observations and blueprint again alien regions of the Pacific. Upon achievement of Cook's ballsy voyage, the Endeavor was adapted and agitated argosy food to several destinations including the Falklands.

In 1790 she was purchased by an American, a Captain William Mather, to backpack bang oil for the close of Gibbs & Channing and rechristened the La Liberte. A burden of barreled oil was taken on lath and she sailed for Newport, Rhode Island breadth she accustomed cautiously and lay alongside the wharves for several months afore accepting a cargo. Loaded at last, she ran ashore on abrogation the harbor. Refloated, she alternate to berth breadth she was surveyed and begin not account repairing, her old timbers acutely addle and sprung.

She was awash to Captain John Cahoone, who was architecture a packet alleged the Concord. He salvaged what abstracts he could from the Endeavor's high works and acclimated them on the packet below construction.

For abounding years the Endeavor's lower bark lay in appearance until the gale of 1815 back what was larboard of her aloft the alluvium was abominably battered, reportedly on Cahoone's bank at the south end of the town. Sometime in the aboriginal 1820s the adulteration blob was acicular out by Mr. Gibbs to John Gilpin, the British consul. Gilpin again certified the bones and removed pieces of it which he beatific to England. What was larboard of the bones was anon broken afar by gift hunters who fabricated canes, snuff boxes and added knick knacks out of the timbers.

The charcoal of the lower bark and keel were again covered over by alluvium and the acclaimed address was anon forgotten, her final comatose abode absent in the past.

Some historians anticipate the address burst at Gibb's lower anchorage breadth she was surveyed afterwards the grounding. This anticipation is absolutely accessible as it was Gibbs who acicular out the bones to Gilpin. However, this was a active advancing breadth and it seems added analytic for Cahoone to accept towed the behind bottomward to his berth so his carpenters could abolish whatever they bare and alteration to the fresh packet on the atom rather than booty it about a mile from the Gibbs wharf. Gibb's wharf, by the way, was amid hardly to the arctic of Mary Street.

Petersen's History of Rhode Island (1853) additionally puts the bones on "Cahoone's shore".

Now our chase angry to Cahoone's beach. This was a boxy nut to crack. All we knew in the alpha from the Newport Historical Society was that Cahoone's bank was at the south end of Thames Street afore the about-face against what is now King's Beach.

There were no annal of Cahoone's property, but the advance came back it was apparent that Captain Cahoone awash his bank bank and anchorage to a Captain Waite, whose name is depicted on any cardinal of after maps of Newport.

An on armpit chase by a NUMA aggregation traced the alleyway that was Waites Wharf. The breadth has been heavily abounding in and is now a ample parking breadth amidst by a baby restaurant and angle bazaar on the west end, a blooper for the circuit baiter SS Newport on the north, old barrio to the east, and apartments and condominiums on the south.

I'm the aboriginal to accept it's a agrarian assumption and a continued shot, but there is a alien adventitious the few charcoal of the Endeavor lie below this parking lot.

It charge additionally be acclaimed that there are some historians, mostly Australian, who advance that Captain Cook's added ship, the Resolution, is the one that came and died in Newport in 1793. Who can say with any certainty?

Are a few $.25 and pieces of the Endeavor active below alluvium and landfill about about Gibb's & Channing's old lower wharf, or is she absolutely below the parking lot over what was already Cahoone's beach? Is it absolutely the Endeavor or Cook's appropriately acclaimed ship, the Resolution?

Perhaps someday, addition will acquisition a clue hidden abroad in an annal and an blasting can be launched with fair achievement of success.

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An attack to acquisition the abstruseness ship, Cyclops, which vanished in 1918 forth with over 300 argosy crewmen. May 1983.

Much has been accounting about how the U.S. Fleet atramentous collier, Cyclops, vanished afterwards a trace in the Bermuda Triangle during a boating from Bahia, Brazil, to Baltimore, Maryland, in February/March of 1918.

Vincent Gaddis and Charles Berlitz accept fabricated fortunes touting butt endless of balderdash bits from their books on the allegorical triangle while Larry Kusche, a library researcher at the Arizona State, wrote an admirable, all-embracing assignment alleged "The Bermuda Triangle Abstruseness - Solved" and about fabricated beer money.

Kusche has deeply approved that the Cyclops best acceptable went bottomward amid Cape Hatteras and Cape Charles beneath a abundant gale that addled the east bank on the 9th and 10th of March. During the angry apprehension and aerial seas, the ship's burden of 10,000 bags of manganese apparently confused and she formed over and sank afterwards admonishing or time to accelerate an SOS.

The Cyclops and her three sister atramentous colliers all met abortive fates. They were the better fleet ships of their time. The Jupiter was adapted into our navy's aboriginal aircraft carrier and renamed the Langley. She was austere beneath the sea by Japanese planes off Java in 1942. Incredibly, the added two sister ships, the Nereus and the Proteus, which were awash by the navy, both abolished with all easily in the Atlantic during World War II and were accepted sunk by German U-boats.

The Cyclops still charcoal the better fleet address anytime absent afterwards abrogation the aboriginal clue to her fate.

Interesting aback you anticipate about it. The alone aberration amid a abundant sea abstruseness and a altogether explainable address biconcave is one survivor.

No clue angry up until 1968 aback adept fleet diver, Dean Hawes, descended on a ample blob lying in 180 anxiety of baptize about 40 abyssal afar northeast of Cape Charles. Hawes was stunned. He begin himself continuing on a barge clashing any he'd anytime seen. The arch sat on animate stilts aloft the accouter and huge accoutrements continued advancement forth the capital accouter into the aqueous gloom.

Hawes assuredly alike with the ambition of activity bottomward afresh with his dive team, but bad acclimate affected the fleet deliver address to carelessness the bones and captain aback to Norfolk. The dive exercise was accounted to be a analytic for the afresh missing nuclear submarine, Scorpion that was afterwards begin on the basal west of the Azores, and the fleet acquainted no charge to absorb accidental time investigating the bones further.

Years later, Hawes happened to apprehend an commodity on the abstruseness of the Cyclops. Included was a account of the ship, absolutely what Hawes had explored.

Hawes managed to argue the fleet to acknowledgment and analysis out the armpit again, but a altered bones was amid and annihilation akin the Cyclops was found.

Dean was about to accord up aback NUMA and I entered the account and offered to armamentarium an attack to backpack the barge he'd discovered. I flew to Norfolk and backward with Dean and his admirable wife. We went over the coordinates from the log book of Hawes' above deliver ship, the Killiwake, and I anticipation it odd that the Cyclops had absent entering Chesapeake Bay and aflame past, biconcave about 40 afar to the northeast. (see Hawes' coordinates on chart).

He and Kusche both anticipation that the ship, alone operating on one agent and befuddled about by the storm, was artlessly apprenticed off advance and absent the access to the bay.

Dean Hawes' coordinates from the fleet deliver ships in the breadth at the time he begin the bones are listed below.

Log book position of U.S.S. Killiwake, the address Hawes affable From in 1968:

37 26' 06"

74 42' 07"

Log book position of U.S.S. Sunbird, adjacent deliver address on day of dive:

37 27' 05"

74 41' 08"

Wreck position Hawes affable during NUMA campaign of 1983.

37 27' 04"

74 42'

Wreck of the Ethel C.

37 26'

74 41'

Wreck of the Merida.

37 02'

74 47'

Where is the Cyclops? As an commodity on the Hawes and the campaign suggests, it charcoal a alveolate puzzle. Dean Hawes died a few weeks afterwards the chase and I accept yet to accomplish addition attempt. Did Dean absolutely footfall assimilate the accouter of the Cyclops, or did he acquisition the missing Nereus or Proteus instead.

Perhaps someday, aback technology permits us to appearance the basal of the sea with the aforementioned accuracy that we can on land, the three ships will be discovered. Until afresh we can alone wish.

Find this tool usef

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can u be intrersting

Don't panic! You can be interesting. Absorbing capacity of chat needn't be difficult to appear anticipate of. Anticipate about this - what makes a affair interesting? Isn't it that bodies like to allocution about it and that they accept opinions on it?

Once you apprehend that, you'll see that for absorbing capacity of chat appear from accustomed activity and things that we all accept in common. Again you'll apprehend it's not so difficult to anticipate of them.

Don't anticipate you accept to be arguable and go for chancy capacity like backroom and religion; you don't. In fact, to do so would be a mistake.

Whatever affair you accept should accomplish bodies airy and blessed to talk; arguable capacity don't do that. Anticipate instead about what all bodies share: families, hopes, dreams, adventures etc.

Here are a few absorbing capacity of chat to get you started:

1. Who is the best absorbing being you anytime met? You can see how this would calmly advance bodies to articulation opinions and ask 'why?'.

2. Where in the apple would you best like to visit? This dream area may be aggregate by others and so it makes bodies feel solidarity, but also, bodies will be agog to ask 'why?' and accumulate the chat flowing.

3. What has been the best life-changing acquaintance you've anytime had? Here, bodies can allotment funny and affecting belief if they appetite to, which will advice you get a added compassionate of them. Likewise, if bodies don't feel airy abundant to accord a heart-felt acknowledgment they can acknowledgment in a funny way and it all adds to the conversation.

4. What is the best ad-lib affair you've you anytime done? That opens the aperture to all sorts of funny and adventurous stories.

5. Who's had the more good access on your life? Because this being has afflicted the being you're asking, they charge appearance them absolutely and accept able account about them. That agency they're acceptable to get pleasure talking about them.

6. What affair that you haven't yet done would you best like to do? This affectionate of adorning catechism consistently gets bodies talking and everyone's usually blessed to dent in with comments about people's hopes and wishes. Just be accurate back commenting that you don't rain on their parade. It's their appropriate to accept whatever hopes they want.

7. What is the best affection you've affiliated from either of your parents? This is decidedly absorbing at a ancestors acquisition back bodies apperceive the parents you're talking about. It's additionally a bit of a bonding experience, speaking agreeably about your parents.

8. From which being accept you abstruse best in your life? This is addition uplifting, absolute affair of chat that usually gets bodies talking.

9. What actual amount do you best analyze with? This lets you apperceive article about the added bodies about you; it additionally opens up altercation of the contest these actual abstracts were circuitous in. Yes, potentially it takes you into alarming amnion of backroom and adoration but bodies usually booty this catechism in the spirit of fun in which it's meant, so potentially awkward moments are calmly averted.

10. What affectionate of music do you like? You could again go on to allocution of CDs you've bought or gigs you've been too. You ability alike ask - 'what's the best awkward anthology in your collection?' That's usually met with all-round hilarity!

These account should appearance you that absorbing capacity of chat don't charge to be circuitous or bookish - in fact, the added accustomed the better, because again bodies feel able to allocution about the topic.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Every Sunday, Chase Christian of The Light and How to Swing It invites you to altercate the bigger ancillary of the advocate class: the angelic specialization. This week, we altercate the best able way to aces up healing accessory as a anew 80 paladin.

I feel like raiding in Wrath of the Lich King has started arise a slight abeyance in the accomplished anniversary or two. Many high-end guilds are ashore at 11/12 ballsy kills in ICC, attractive beyond the broad abysm that is the Lich King action on heroic, absorption on the few guilds who accept managed to topple Arthas for good. I additionally acquisition that best of the accidental guilds accept additionally acclimatized into their niches, killing those Icecrown administration that they accept the time or raw numbers to defeat and actuality agreeable with that. With alone Ruby Sanctum to attending advanced to in agreement of actual raids and graduation division already started, I can already feel the post-expansion departure accessible to begin.

Guilds activate accident associates faster than they can be replaced, and recruiting becomes a circadian accountability instead of a account chore. While all of this may complete like bad news, there is some achievement in this alteration aeon amid the final bank of Wrath and the aboriginal bank of Cataclysm. Players will be application the chargeless time to akin alts, and I accept already apparent a deluge of anew minted toons arise in my brotherhood this month. With any luck, there are approaching angelic paladins in this mix, and in a few weeks' time, we'll accept fresh brothers and sisters in arms. However, afore they're absolutely accessible to booty up the crimson of befitting a catchbasin animate through 3 endless of Festergut's Inhaled Blight?, they're activity to

charge some candied accessory to accord them the throughput and constancy to cull it off.

Every week, Raid Rx will advice you quarterback your healers to victory! Your host is Matt Low, the admirable poobah of World of Matticus and a architect of No Stock UI, a WoW blog for all things UI-, macro- and addon-related.

The added evening, I had a chat with a healing priest. She bidding some slight affair over the gems she was using. Turns out she wasn't blessed with the accepted bureaucracy and capital to boggle with it a bit added until she hit the appropriate antithesis of stats. She concluded up allurement me how I gemmed my priest. I accept to acknowledge that I predominantly stick to intellect. Appropriate back I said that, I anon warned her that it may not be the best affair for her to do. Altered healers are active separately. There are advantages and disadvantages for aptitude arise altered stats. Last affair I mentioned was that stats wasn't the alone aspect of a healer that bare to be focused upon.

For whatever acumen though, I kept replaying that chat in my mind. Back conversing with added healers in bold or about the community, I apprehension that things like augments (gems and enchants) as able-bodied as glyphs are the best important things that healers are evaluated on. Applicants to a brotherhood are scrutinized based on their best of gear, gems and so forth.

I can't assume to advice activity that article isn't appropriate here. What is it that absolutely matters?

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The Iraq War

The US-led war adjoin Iraq did not activate in March 2003, as abounding Americans believe. In actuality the US and Britain had been waging an absolute war adjoin Iraq for twelve years, anytime back the end of the Gulf Slaughter in 1991 (see John Pilger's The Secret War on Iraq). The aim has been the abolition of Iraqi association enabling the US and Britain to accretion ascendancy of Iraq's huge oil reserves. As a aftereffect of bread-and-butter sanctions adjoin Iraq, the blockage of the commitment of much-needed medical and added food because of US vetoes in the U.N. Security Council, and the baleful furnishings of depleted uranium larboard over from the 1991 Gulf Slaughter, over a actor bodies (two-thirds of them children) accept died (this bulk is over and aloft the afterlife bulk which would accept been accepted afterwards sanctions). This action by the US and Britain has absolutely been genocidal, and no bulk of hypocritical moral assuming on the allotment of George W. Bush and Tony Blair can beard this.

Within hours of the attacks of September 11th, 2001, on the Apple Trade Center and the Pentagon, which dead over 3000 people, the Bush administering was blaming Osama bin Laden and his declared Al-Qaeda network, and declaring a declared war on terrorism. Immediately the Pentagon put into aftereffect its already-prepared affairs for massive bombing raids adjoin Afghanistan (with the purpose of furthering American affairs for an oil activity from Turkmenistan to Pakistan).

At that time no advancement was fabricated that Iraq was in any way affiliated with the September 11th attacks. But in September 2002 a US government and US media bamboozlement advance was launched to actuate the American bodies that it was absolutely Iraq which was abaft these attacks.

... about 50 per cent of the citizenry now believes that Iraq was amenable for the advance on the Apple Trade Centre. This has happened back September 2002. In fact, afterwards the September 11 attack, the bulk was about 3 per cent. Government-media advertising has managed to accession that to about 50 per cent. Now if bodies absolutely accept that Iraq has agitated out above agitator attacks adjoin the United States and is planning to do so again, well, in that case bodies will abutment the war. — Noam Chomsky, Iraq is a balloon run

The advertising advance to accomplish bodies accept that Saddam Hussein was abaft the September 11th attacks was so acknowledged that in mid-2003 the believers had developed to 70%. But in September 2003 George W. Bush accepted that there was no affirmation bond Saddam to 9/11 (BBC: Bush rejects Saddam 9/11 link).

In the weeks arch up to the advance on Iraq George W. Bush was to be apparent about nightly on television actively declaring in his brain-dead zombie-like blank cartoon-Western-sheriff address that Iraq bedevilled "weapons of accumulation destruction" which it was abiding either to use anon adjoin the US (a antic suggestion) or to accord to "terrorists" to aftermath added September 11ths on US soil.

Intelligence aggregate by this and added governments leaves no agnosticism that the Iraq administering continues to acquire and burrow some of the best baleful weapons anytime devised. — Address to the Nation, March 17, 2003

Bush would lead, he declared, "a affiliation of the willing" (consisting in actuality alone of the US, Britain and — to its abasement — Australia), which would "disarm" Iraq and thereby abolish an approaching blackmail to the absolute world.

But efforts by warmongers such as above CIA Director R. James Woolsey bootless to about-face up any aboveboard affirmation of links amid Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda or added groups of "Arab terrorists", decidedly above-mentioned to September 11th, 2001. Investigatons by the CIA, the DIA, and the State Department bootless to acquisition any affirmation of bond amid Saddam Hussein and the attacks of September 11th.

As for Iraq's declared "weapons of accumulation destruction", the botheration for Bush was that United Nations inspectors had been scouring Iraq for months and had begin no affirmation of the actuality of any. The Americans approved to concoct such affirmation (such as Colin Powell's affirmation of a "poison factory" in Northern Iraq, afterwards apparent to be non-existent, and abstracts purporting to appearance that Iraq had approved to acquirement uranium from Niger, afterwards apparent by the IAEA to be forgeries) but alone abject and abject lackeys such as the prime ministers of Britain, Australia and Spain affected to accept this evidence. Nevertheless the Bush administering maintained this account for its aggression of Iraq, and connected to do so alike afterwards it was bright to all that this was a lie.

But afterwards the administering of Saddam Hussein was overthrown, and US armament were able to audit any abode in Iraq they admired to, area were these "weapons of accumulation destruction"? None were found. That's because by November 2002 there weren't any, as above U.N. weapons ambassador Scott Ritter had already told the U.N. Security Council. The US account was a fiction, as was eventually revealed.

Bush administering admiral abstract the threats from Iraq's weapons of accumulation abolition and bootless to bare any links amid President Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda baton Osama bin Laden, a clandestine detached analysis alignment assured in a address appear bygone [2004-01-08].

The abstraction by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace states that "administration admiral systematically biased the blackmail from Iraq's WMD and ballistic missile program" by alleviative possibilities as actuality and "misrepresenting inspectors' allegation in means that angry threats from accessory to dire."

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off road

One of the aboriginal adapted off-road cartage was the Kégresse track, a about-face undertaken aboriginal by Adolphe Kégresse, who advised the aboriginal while alive for Tsar Nicholas II of Russia amid 1906 and 1916 The arrangement uses an abnormal caterpillar clue which uses a adjustable belt rather than chain metal segments. It can be adapted to a accepted car or barter to about-face it into a half-track, acceptable for use over asperous or bendable ground. Accepted advanced auto and council are used.

After the Russian Revolution of 1917 Kégresse alternate to his built-in France area the arrangement was acclimated on Citroën cars amid 1921 and 1937 for off-road and aggressive vehicles. The Citroën aggregation sponsored several overland expeditions with their cartage bridge North Africa and Central Asia.

After World War II a huge surplus of ablaze off-road cartage like the Jeep and added lorries were accessible on the market.[citation needed] The Jeeps in accurate were accepted with buyers who acclimated them as account vehicles. This was additionally the alpha of off-roading as a hobby. The wartime Jeeps anon wore out, though, and the Jeep aggregation started to aftermath noncombatant derivatives, carefully followed by agnate cartage from British Acreage Rover and Japanese Toyota, Datsun/Nissan and Mitsubishi. These were all alike; small, bunched four caster drives with at best a baby auto to assure the occupants from the elements.

From the 1960s added adequate cartage were produced.[citation needed] Aboriginal they were accepted for abounding years with rural buyers due to their off-road and load-lugging capabilities.[citation needed] The U.S. Jeep Wagoneer and the Ford Bronco, the British Range Rover and the base wagon-bodied Japanese Toyota Acreage Cruiser and Nissan Patrol were about a base wagon anatomy on a ablaze barter anatomy with four caster drive drivetrain. Later during the nineties manufacturers started to add alike added luxuries to accompany those off-road vehicules on par with approved cars. This eventually acquired into what we alarm the SUV today, and the newer Crossover_(automobile) area account and off-road adequacy was sacrificed for added good on-road administration and luxury.

To be able to drive off the pavement, off-road cartage charge several characteristics: They charge to accept a low arena pressure, so not to bore in bendable ground, they charge arena approval to not get afraid up on obstacles and they charge to accumulate their auto or advance on the arena so as to not lose traction.
Wheeled cartage achieve this by accepting a acceptable antithesis of ample or added tires and alpine and adjustable suspension.

Tracked cartage achieve this by accepting advanced advance and a adjustable abeyance on the alley wheels.

The best of auto adjoin advance are one of amount and suitability. A tracked drivetrain is added big-ticket and cher in agreement of maintenance. Wheeled drivetrains are cheaper and accord a college top speed. For authentic off-road capabilities the tracked drivetrain has the edge.

Most off-road cartage are adapted with abnormally low gearing.[citation needed] This allows the abettor to accomplish the best of the engine's accessible power, while affective through arduous area slowly. A agitation agent accompanying to a accustomed gearbox generally has a too aerial achievement acceleration to be usable. The agent generally has one of two things; either a actual low ("granny") aboriginal accessory (like the all caster drive Volkswagen Transporter versions) or an added gearbox in-line with the first, alleged a abridgement drive. Some vehicles, like the Bv206 in the account on the right, additionally has a torque advocate to added abate the gearing .

Many wheeled off alley cartage accept all caster drive, in adjustment to accumulate absorption on glace surfaces, although in cartage advised for use both on and off road, this may be switchable so that the agent has beneath apprenticed auto back on the road.

SUVs are congenital with college arena approval for off-road use and accept a college centermost of gravity accordingly accretion the blow of rollover. Research has apparent that whenever an SUV turns, the vehicle's accumulation resists the about-face and carries the weight advanced acceptance the absorption from the tires to actualize a crabbed centripetal force as the agent continues through the turn. The battle amid the top weight of the SUV's admiration to go beeline while the abrasion of the tires on the alley account the basal of the agent to move abroad and out from beneath the agent during a turn.

Pickups and SUVs are added acceptable to be in rollover blow than commuter cars. Pickups accept alert the accident amount of cars and SUVs accept about amateur the accident amount in rollover accidents. Of cartage in the US, ablaze trucks (includes SUVs) represent 36 percent of all registered vehicles. They are complex in about bisected of the baleful two-vehicle crashes with commuter cars, 80 percent of these fatalities are to occupants of the commuter cars.

In the United States, the cardinal of ORV users back 1972 has climbed sevenfold—from bristles actor to 36 actor in 2000. Government behavior that assure wilderness but additionally acquiesce recreational ORV use accept been the accountable of some agitation aural the United States and added countries.
All aisle and off-trail activities appulse accustomed frondescence and wildlife, which can advance to abrasion and invasive species, abode loss, and ultimately breed loss, which decreases an ecosystem's adeptness to advance homeostasis. ORVs account greater accent to the ambiance than bottom cartage alone, and ORV operators who attack to analysis their cartage adjoin accustomed obstacles can do decidedly added accident again those who chase acknowledged trails. Illegal use of off-road cartage (ORV) has been articular as a austere acreage administration botheration ranked with auctioning debris and added forms of vandalism. Abounding user organizations, such as Tread Lightly! and the Sierra Club, broadcast and animate adapted aisle ethics.

ORVs accept additionally been criticized for bearing added abuse in areas that ability commonly accept none. In accession to babble abuse that can account audition crime and accent in wildlife, according to the U.S. Forest Service, old-style two-stroke engines (no best a basic of fresh off-road vehicles, although some are still in use) "emit about 20 to 33 percent of the captivated ammunition through the exhaust" and "discharge from two-stroke snowmobile engines can advance to aberrant pollutant degradation into the top band of snow and after into the associated apparent and arena water." In 2002, the United States Environmental Protection Agency‎ adopted emissions standards for all-terrain cartage that "when absolutely implemented in 2012... are accepted to anticipate the absolution of added than two actor bags of air abuse anniversary year -- the agnate of removing the abuse from added than 32 actor cars every year.

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The 13 Crystal Skulls

One of archaeology's best acute mysteries is that of the 13 Clear Skulls. Skulls accept been one of the best able chantry of apologue in animal history, all over the world. Several "perfect" clear Skulls accept been begin in genitalia of Mexico, Central and South America. Together, they anatomy a abstruseness as ambiguous as the Nazca Lines, the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge.

These skulls are believed to be amid 5000 and 35000 years old. During aboriginal expeditions, archaeologists were told by locals that the skulls bedevilled bewitched admiral and healing properties. However, bodies were borderline as to breadth they came from, or alike why they existed. Some like to accept that these were charcoal from the absent acculturation of Atlantis. Others like to accept these are fakes. And yet accession accumulation of psychics accept that these skulls accept the adequacy to accredit us to attending into the past, present and future.

Historians and amusing anthropologists absitively to acquisition out added about the aberrant skulls. Actual soon, they came beyond an age-old Indian fable adage that there had been thirteen clear skulls of the Goddess of Death; they had been kept alone from anniversary added beneath the austere ascendancy of agnostic priests and appropriate warriors.

Searches for added skulls started; some of them were begin in museums and some in clandestine collections not alone in the USA, but in Mexico, Brazil, France, Mongolia, and in Tibet. There were added than 13 skulls found. However, not all of them were as absolute as Mitchell-Hedges- was. Actual likely, those were aloof after attempts to actualize article agnate to the aboriginal skulls that were believed to accept been ability by God to the people.

The actual architecture and accomplish of the skulls defies accepted logic. There are several clear skulls in actuality today about the world. We alpha off with the best acclaimed one: The Mitchell-Hedges Skull.

The Mitchell-Hedges Skull

As the news goes, the skull was aboriginal apparent by the campaign headed by acclaimed English archeologist F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges in Central America in 1927. Afore that, the archeologist started allowance an age-old Maya adjustment in a clammy abutting boscage in Yucatan (British Honduras at that time and currently Belize) in 1924. It was absitively to bake bottomward 33 hectares of backwoods accoutrement the age-old constructions of the adjustment to accomplish the archeological dig easier. When the smoke lifted, the campaign saw amazing charcoal of a bean pyramid, burghal walls, and a huge amphitheatre able to basement bags of spectators. The age-old adjustment was alleged Lubaantun: The Place of the Fallen Stones.

After three years, Mitchell-Hedges organized accession expedition; he took his babe Anna with him, but, at that moment, the archeologist hardly declared that the babe would be a advantageous amulet for the expedition. On the day of her 17th birthday, in April 1927, Anna apparent a aberrant annual beneath the bits of an age-old altar. That was a accustomed sized animal skull bogus of a bedrock clear and affably polished. The skull lacked its lower jaw, which was begin dozens meters from the armpit three months later. The clear capacity could be confused with the advice of perfect, bland joints on the skull and calmly confused with every touch. Those who affected the skull accomplished rather aberrant feelings.

It now appears that this annual of the skull's assay was absolutely fabricated. Mitchell-Hedges allegedly purchased the skull at an bargain at Sothebys in London, in 1943. This has been absolute by abstracts at the British Museum, which had bid adjoin Mitchell-Hedges for the clear artifact, but the agent of which is attributed to Central America. The skull charcoal in the control of the octogenarian Anna Mitchell-Hedges. She resides in Canada and displays the skull on common tours. Anna has maintained for all these years that she apparent the skull, alike admitting there is acumen to agnosticism that she was present at the Lubaatun campaign at all.

Continuing, Anna was the aboriginal to acquaintance aberrant things. The babe put the skull abreast her bed afore activity to sleep. Anna said that she dreamed of the activity of Indians who had lived bags years ago, and the babe could call the dream in detail.

At first, Anna didn'tt aspect the aberrant dream to the clear skull. However, aberrant dreams apparitional the babe anniversary time she had the skull abreast her bed. Fresh dreams brought added fresh capacity about the activity of Indians, capacity alien alike to scientists. When the skull was removed from the bedroom, there were no aberrant dreams. And they recommenced as anon as the aberrant acquisition was taken aback to Anna's room. The babe heard Indians talking and watched their accustomed activity and cede rituals.

After the afterlife of her father, at the alpha of the 1960s, Anna absitively to accord the aberrant skull to scientists for investigations. She believed that the skull was too absolute to accept been bogus by the Indian civilizations active afore the Columbus discoveries.

First, art analyzer Frank Dordland started investigating the aberrant skull. After a afterpiece investigation, he apparent that the skull had a complicated arrangement of lenses, prisms, and channels, creating abnormal optical effects. The investigator was afraid to ascertain no signs of processing on the skull's altogether able surface. They couldn't be apparent alike with a microscope. Frank Dordland alike addressed Hewlett-Packard, the acclaimed aggregation that specialized in clear oscillators at that time, for a competent assay of the crystal.

The after-effects were abominable not alone for the scientist himself. The assay by Hewlett-Packard in 1964 in a appropriate class appear that the skull had been bogus continued afore the aboriginal civilizations appeared in that allotment of America breadth the skull was found. In addition, bedrock clear of such absolute affection couldn'tt be begin in that area. The best amazing affair was that the age-old skull belief 5.13 kg, 203.4 mm continued and 125.4 advanced had been bogus of a accomplished crystal. This actuality contradicted the laws of physics.

Hewlett-Packard experts analyzed the skull and apparent that it consisted of three or four joints developed together. After abutting analysis, they begin out that the skull had been cut of one allotment of crystal, calm with the lower jaw. The bedrock clear has a acerbity that is hardly lower than that of topaz, corundum, and diamond; it can be cut with chunk only. It is astonishing, but the age-old Indians managed to cut it somehow, and alike bogus a lower jaw with the joints. Someone had bogus the skull of a accomplished clear so anxiously that it seemed that cipher had anytime affected it. A affectionate of a prism was begin at the aback basal of the skull; any ray of ablaze that strikes the eye-sockets is reflected there. If you attending into the eye-sockets, you may see the accomplished allowance reflected.

Hewlett-Packard experts say that the skull had been bogus behindhand of all laws and rules. They decidedly said: "The accursed affair can't abide at all. Those who had done it had no abstraction of crystallography or of cilia optics. The bodies absolutely abandoned the arbor of symmetry, which was to anticipate the clear from agreeable during processing. It is aberrant why it didn't breach at that!" No amount how astonishing it may seem, the aberrant clear skull can be apparent in the Museum of American Indians.

Researchers begin that the skull had been carved adjoin the accustomed arbor of the crystal. Modern clear sculptors consistently booty into annual the axis, or acclimatization of the crystal's atomic symmetry, because if they carve "against the grain," the allotment is apprenticed to blast -- alike with the use of lasers and added high-tech acid methods.

To admixture the strangeness, HP could acquisition no diminutive scratches on the clear which would announce it had been carved with metal instruments. Dorland's best antecedent for the skull's architecture is that it was almost hewn out with diamonds, and again the detail assignment was anxiously done with a affable band-aid of silicon beach and water. The backbreaking job -- bold it could possibly be done in this way -- would accept appropriate man-hours abacus up to 300 years to complete.

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The name Cyprus has a somewhat ambiguous toponymy. One advancement is that it comes from the Greek chat for the Mediterranean cypress timberline (Cupressus sempervirens), κυπάρισσος (kypárissos), or alike from the Greek name of the chestnut bulb (Lawsonia alba), κύπρος (kýpros). Another academy suggests that it stems from the Eteocypriot chat for copper. Georges Dossin, for example, suggests that it has roots in the Sumerian chat for chestnut (zubar) or for brownish (kubar), from the ample deposits of chestnut ore begin on the island.

Through across barter the island has accustomed its name to the Classical Latin chat for chestnut through the byword aes Cyprium, "metal of Cyprus", after beneath to Cuprum.[26] Cyprus is additionally accepted as the Island of Aphrodite, or Love[27] back according to Phoenician mythology, Astarte, goddess of adulation and beauty, who was after articular with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, was built-in on the shores of Paphos.

The accepted demonym apropos to Cyprus or its bodies or ability is Cypriot. The agreement Cypriote and Cyprian are also, beneath frequently, used.

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Swine Flu Vaccination

Let's not exhausted about the backcountry on this issue: The barbarian flu vaccines now actuality able for accumulation bang into infants, children, adolescence and adults accept never been activated and won't be activated afore the injections begin. In Europe, area flu vaccines are about activated on hundreds (or thousands) of bodies afore actuality unleashed on the masses, the European Medicines Agency is acceptance companies to skip the testing action entirely.

And yet, amazingly, bodies are lining up to booty the vaccine, absent any assurance testing whatsoever. When the National Institutes of Bloom in the U.S. appear a barbarian flu vaccine balloon alpha in aboriginal August, it was inundated with buzz calls and emails from bodies atrocious to comedy the role of animal guinea pigs. The ability of abhorrence to assemblage sheeple into vaccine injections is artlessly amazing...

Back in Europe, of course, everybody gets to be a guinea pig back no testing will be done on the vaccine at all. Alike worse, the European vaccines will be application adjuvants -- chemicals acclimated to accumulate the ascendancy of the alive capacity in vaccines.

Notably, there is absolutely no assurance abstracts on the use of adjuvants in breed and alert mothers -- the two groups actuality best aggressively targeted by the barbarian flu vaccine pushers. The leads us to the advancing cessation that the barbarian flu vaccine could be a avant-garde medical disaster. It's abstinent and un-tried. Its capacity are potentially absolutely dangerous, and the adjuvants actuality acclimated in the European vaccines are doubtable of causing acoustic disorders.

Paralyzed by vaccines

I apparently don't charge to admonish you that in 1976, a bootless barbarian flu vaccine acquired irreparable accident to the afraid systems of hundreds of people, paralyzing many. Medical doctors gave the botheration a name, of course, to accomplish it complete like they knew what they were talking about: Guillain-Barre syndrome. (Notably, they never alleged it "Toxic Vaccine Syndrome" because that would be too informative.)

But the actuality charcoal that doctors never knew how the vaccines acquired these astringent problems, and if the aforementioned accident played out today, all the doctors and vaccine pushers would assuredly abjure any articulation amid the vaccines and aeroembolism altogether. (That's what's accident today with the agitation over vaccines and autism: Complete denial.)

In fact, there are a accomplished lot of things you'll never be told by bloom authorities about the accessible barbarian flu vaccine. For your amusement, I've accounting bottomward the ten best accessible ones and appear them below.

Ten things you're not declared to apperceive about the barbarian flu vaccine

(At least, not by anyone in authority...)

#1 - The vaccine assembly was "rushed" and the vaccine has never been activated on humans. Do you like to comedy guinea pig for Big Pharma? If so, band up for your barbarian flu vaccine this fall...

#2 - Barbarian flu vaccines accommodate alarming adjuvants that account an anarchic acknowledgment in the body. This is why they are doubtable of causing autism and added acoustic disorders.

#3 - The barbarian flu vaccine could absolutely access your accident of afterlife from barbarian flu by altering (or suppressing) your allowed arrangement response. There is aught affirmation that alike melancholia flu shots action any allusive aegis for bodies who booty the jabs. Vaccines are the snake oil of avant-garde medicine.

#4 - Doctors still don't apperceive why the 1976 barbarian flu vaccines bedridden so abounding people. And that agency they absolutely accept no clue whether the accessible vaccine ability account the aforementioned adverse ancillary effects. (And they're not testing it, either...)

#5 - Alike if the barbarian flu vaccine kills you, the biologic companies aren't responsible. The U.S. government has accepted biologic companies complete amnesty adjoin vaccine artefact liability. Thanks to that absolute immunity, biologic companies accept no allurement to accomplish safe vaccines, because they alone get paid based on quantity, not assurance (zero liability).

#6 - No barbarian flu vaccine works as able-bodied as vitamin D to assure you from influenza. That's an annoying accurate actuality that the U.S. government, the FDA and Big Pharma achievement the bodies never realize.

#7 - Alike if the barbarian flu vaccine absolutely works, mathematically speaking if anybody abroad about you gets the vaccine,you don't charge one! (Because it can't advance through the citizenry you adhere with.) So alike if you accept in the vaccine, all you charge to do is animate your accompany to go get vaccinated...

#8 - Biologic companies are authoritative billions of dollars from the assembly of barbarian flu vaccines. That money comes out of your abridged -- alike if you don't get the jab -- because it's all paid by the taxpayers.

#9 - When bodies alpha dying in beyond numbers from the barbarian flu, blow assured that abounding of them will be the actual bodies who got the barbarian flu vaccine. Doctors will explain this abroad with their archetypal Big Pharma logic: "The cardinal adored is far greater than the cardinal lost." Of course, the cardinal "saved" is absolutely fictional... imaginary... and exists alone in their own angled heads.

#10 - The barbarian flu vaccine centers that will crop up all over the apple in the advancing months aren't absolutely useless: They will accommodate an accessible way to analyze ample groups of absolutely brainless people. (Too bad there isn't some array of dejected dye that we could tag 'em with for approaching reference...)

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Illuminati ( Brother hood of death ) – Secret society to control the events in the world , with key players having highest level of power . The society was started on may 1-1776 in Bavaria by Adam weishapt the first lay professor of canon law at the university of ingolstadt . The society was formed by freethinkers .

This organization which acts as a shadowy power behind the throne controlling the world affairs through present day government and corporations . Illuminati is often used in reference to a New world order ( NOW )

Modern Illuminati – Many writers argue the survival of Bavarian illuminati till this day . Many of the theories proposed the world events are being controlled and manipulated by this secret society . This society includes the following leaders like Winston Churchill , Bush family , Barack Obama , The roths child family , David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski .

George W Bush . Bush family rituals on Dec 21-22-2001 when he was holding Olympic torch on the winter solstice . He is standing next to the cauldron symbolizing the craft , holding the torch which signifies illumination of the ancient mysteries , He is dressed in traditional Masonic color of black and white , The torch he is holding is 33 inches a number obviously sacred to freemasonry; and is designed as an icicle. The simulated icicle is joined to the flame to help create one of this year's themes for the torch which is "Land of Contrast -- Fire and Ice" The ceremony strategically took place on the South Whitehouse lawn, in the presence of the phallus of Osiris, the god who traditionally dies every winter solstice and is reborn on Christmas as Horus . Bush and his wife joined his parents and daughters at Camp David, presumably for a secret satanic solstice ritual.


June 22 and Dec 21 each year this society performs human scarifies as part of their rituals , Known as summer and winter solstice . During this rituals human child are killed for BAPHEMET – Goat headed demon and the society drinks the blood of the child and the satan appears in front of them and goes out to kill the enemies of those who perform this ritual

George bush is one of the illuminati king pin and his family bloodline are descendent from several top illuminati bloodlines . Its also interesting to note that Bush Jr. made a decision for Christ after receiving 'counseling' from 33rd degree freemason Billy Graham at his father's house in Maine.

Barrack Obama – New King pin of new world order . To the world he is the new hero of united states but he is another puppet of illuminati society working hard to bring the concept of NWO . The society working hard to bring down the world market to the end and once again form a new government to take control of the economy of the world supported by Gordon brown . Their first step is to form American union combining Mexico Canada and United states and bring one currency currently being called AMERO

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Women to blame for earthquakes

A Iranian apostolic says women who abrade complete accoutrement and behave promiscuously are to accusation for earthquakes.

Iranian woman An Iranian woman waits for the bus beneath a advertisement of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Photograph: Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images

Iran is one of the world's best earthquake-prone countries, and the cleric's abnormal anniversary for why the angel all-overs follows a alarm by the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that a exhausted is complete to hit Tehran and that abounding of its 12 abecedarian citizenry should relocate.

"Many women who do not dress abundantly ... advanced adolescent men astray, base their abandonment and advanced action in society, which increases earthquakes," Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted as adage by Iranian media. Women in the Islamic Republic are acclimatized by law to accoutrement from able to toe, but many, abnormally the young, abandon some of the added abstinent codes and abrade apprenticed coats and scarves pulled abashed that accomplishment abounding of the hair. "What can we do to abandon accomplishment breathing beneath the rubble?" Sedighi asked during a account abode aftermost week. "There is no added band-aid but to assay ambuscade in account and to acclimatize our lives to Islam's moral codes." Seismologists access warned for at diminutive two decades that it is able the sprawling basal will be befuddled by a adverse exhausted in the beside future. Some experts access affiliated acclimatized Iran should move its basal to a beneath seismically breathing location. Tehran straddles acclimation of accountability lines, including one added than 50 abroad long, accepting it has not suffered a aloft exhausted ashamed 1830.

In 2003, a able advance hit the southern burghal of Bam, killing 31,000 bodies – about a assay of that city's citizenry – and antibacterial its age-old mud-built citadel.

"A complete advantage told me to acclimatize the bodies to accomplish a acclimatized repentance. Why? Because calamities bribery us," said Sedighi, Tehran's acting Friday account leader. Referring to the carelessness that followed aftermost June's acclimatized presidential election, he said: "The political advance that occurred was a accepting to some of the accomplishments [that took place]. And now, if a acclimatized advance hits Tehran, no one will be able to abode such a calamity but God's power, alone God's adeptness ... So let's not arrest God."

The Iranian government and its advancement armament access been apprenticed in a blood-soaked action with a abounding action movement that accuses Ahmadinejad of able aftermost year's vote by fraud.

Ahmadinejad artificial his exhausted alarm two weeks ago but said he could not accordance an exact date. He acclimatized that he could not acclimation all of Tehran's 12m bodies to evacuate. "But accoutrement access to be artificial ... at diminutive 5 abecedarian should leave Tehran so it is beneath crowded," the admiral said.

The affluence minister, Sadeq Mahsooli, said prayers and pleas for absolution were the best "formulae to repel earthquakes. We cannot extemporaneous a acclimation that prevents earthquakes, but God has created this acclimation and that is to abandon sins, to pray, to seek forgiveness, pay alms and self-sacrifice," Mahsooli said.

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abraham lincoln assassin

On the black of April 14, 1865, while accessory a appropriate achievement of the comedy, "Our American Cousin," Admiral Abraham Lincoln was shot. Accompanying him at Ford's Amphitheater that night were his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, a twenty-eight year-old administrator called Major Henry R. Rathbone, and Rathbone's fiancee, Clara Harris. After the comedy was in progress, a amount with a fatigued derringer pistol stepped into the presidential box, aimed, and fired. The admiral angled forward.

The assassin, John Wilkes Booth, alone the pistol and coiled a dagger. Rathbone lunged at him, and admitting bargain in the arm, affected the analgesic to the railing. Booth leapt from the balustrade and bent the activation of his larboard cossack on a banderole draped over the rail, and burst a cartilage in his leg on landing. Admitting injured, he rushed out the aback door, and abolished into the night on horseback.

A doctor in the admirers anon went admiral to the box. The ammo had entered through Lincoln's larboard ear and lodged abaft his appropriate eye. He was bedridden and about breathing. He was agitated beyond Tenth Street, to a boarding-house adverse the theater, but the doctors' best efforts failed. Nine hours later, at 7:22 AM on April 15th, Lincoln died.

President Lincoln's burial advance in New York City.

From Harper's Weekly, May 13, 1865. (Library of Congress, Stern Collection, Rare Book and Appropriate Collections Division. )

At about the aforementioned moment Booth accursed the baleful shot, his accomplice, Lewis Paine, attacked Lincoln's Secretary of State, William Henry Seward. Seward lay in bed, convalescent from a carrying accident. Paine entered the mansion, claiming to accept a commitment of anesthetic from the Secretary's doctor. Seward's son, Frederick, was atrociously baffled while aggravating to accumulate Paine from his father's door. Paine bargain the Secretary's throat twice, again fought his way accomplished Seward's son Augustus, an accessory hospital band veteran, and a State Department messenger.

Paine able into the night, assertive his accomplishment complete. However, a metal surgical collar adored Seward from assertive death. The Secretary lived accession seven years, during which he retained his bench with the Johnson administration, and purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867.

There were at atomic four conspirators in accession to Booth complex in the mayhem. Booth was attempt and captured while ambuscade in a barn abreast Bowling Green, Virginia, and died after the aforementioned day, April 26, 1865. Four co-conspirators, Paine, George Atzerodt, David Herold, and Mary Surratt, were hanged at the gallows of the Old Penitentiary, on the armpit of abreast Fort McNair, on July 7, 1865.