Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Weekend of Fun…………. at Floatel !!!!

Hi everyone!

You need not spend thousands of dollars planning an extended family vacation in order to enjoy your family. It is just as easy to clear your schedule for a weekend and plan a short trip. You can go camping for a night or two. Sit by the campfire singing and telling stories with your children. Another popular weekend attraction is to visit a theme park in your area. Your weekend plans also could involve staying home. Tell your children that this is a weekend when you are going to let your chores go so that you can simply hang out together for the entire weekend. Spend a day or two eating pizza, watching movies, and just enjoying each other’s company without other distractions.

I've had a fantastic few days celebrating with my friends and family. I'm trying to make an effort to celebrate 'me' and how far I've come. Celebrating me is a concept that I kinda get in my head but I have to admit also find it difficult to actually do without my mind veering off to thinking about something else instead. I am still very uncomfortable about consciously assigning importance (how I am defining "celebrate") to myself and my journey so far.

We (Parents) decided to go to the Floatel here in kolkata for an outing. It was a beautiful evening that day. It was nice to spend several hours at Floatel just enjoying with family.

Here is a photo and few details of the hotel………Floatel !!!
A Floating Hotel is simply a hotel floating on water. The Floatel does not move, it remains in its wonderful location on the edge of River Hooghly with spectacular views of the river and the charms of this old colonial cultural city. The Floatel in Calcutta is based on the concept of a Super Luxury Cruise Liner permanently anchored in the City Centre of Calcutta with a huge shore infrastructure to provide essential life-lines like fresh water, Electricity and sewerage disposal system. The Floatel is designated a vessel by Calcutta High Court in 2006. The hotel is also entirely environmentally friendly, using global standards of environmentally conscious tourism as the basis for all services. The Floating Hotel concept is a new development in offshore accommodation systems and used world – wide.
The Hotel, a 4 star world class urban resort, floats on the River Hooghly only a hundred yards from the shore.The Hooghly river is a center-point of Indian history and the Floatel on the Hooghly today, between the two Howrah Bridges, brings back that history in its splendor, a time when Calcutta was in her finest glory.
The 49 room Floating Hotel is based on the concept of combining the best qualities of a luxury cruise ship with the beauty of a world class hotel permanently anchored in the City Centre of Calcutta. The land along theFloating Hotel consists of a promenade walkway by the river (the only one of its kind in the city), a beautifully landscaped garden, centrally air-conditioned reception areas, open air banquet halls (ideal for weddings, book-launches, music concerts or business parties), a promenade deck (ideal for parties, events, celebrations, meetings). All in all, The Floatel is the only City Centre Urban Resort in India. The Floatel is one of the properties of Manor Floatel Limited, Calcutta.

India's only Floating Hotel has been conceived, designed, constructed and built in Calcutta by Mr. Manab Pal, Managing Director, Manor Floatel Limited who worked tirelessly for many years and against huge odds to create an exquisite unique river-front environment in Calcutta because he strongly believed that a city as progressive in its ideas as Calcutta, needed a hotel as unique and spectacular as The Floatel.
Safety Details and International Standards

Facilities at the Floating Hotel complex conforms to the criteria laid down by Department of Tourism for a 4-star category accreditation.

The shore and The Floatel is connected by a specially designed (internatially accredited and tested) gangway which get adjusted to the change in the water level at high and low tides.

The model followed for the Floatel is based on conceptual design of "Coastal Vessels" which are moored in various cities of Europe. None of the Coastals have self propulsion. Whereas European Floatels are moored in the sea, The Calcutta Foatel is moored in The River Hooghly.
Remember it is not how much money you spend or what you do that counts. The trick is to plan quality time that everyone will enjoy. No matter how busy you are, there is always an opportunity to spend time with them that will be relaxing and rewarding for all.
All in all it was a beautiful day at the Floatel!! We had a nice family outing that day!! It doesn't happen very often, but when it does I really cherish these times.
Thanks dad & mum for giving me such nice and lovely evening.

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