Sunday, April 11, 2010

Titanic sinking

the truth and conspiracy behind titanic ship

It all began in 1910 when whitestar line launched RMS OLYMPIC . From the time, they launched her back in October People were starting to say, the ship was cursed very unreliable, and refused to book with Whitestar line. The ship had been in and out of the Harland and Wolff docks, in Belfast, to many times for repairs, since her launch. This was becoming by far, a very costly endeavour for Whitestar line.

White have to some how make up the cost in spending RMS OLYMPIC , still pay for the work to be finished, on the almost completed Titanic. ( The Titanic, seen on the right, in the picture above )

J Bruce Ismay ( Chairman of Whitestar line ) and J. P. Morgan ( American railroad tycoon, and owner of Whitestar line ) composed a plan, where they could not only recover the costs of the repairs being made to the Olympic, but they could also recover the money it had taken to build the Titanic.

Their idea was, while both ship were in the Belfast docks together ( The Olympic in for repairs ), they would late one night, when the Titanic, was completed, and before the Olympic left the docks to return to her North Atlantic run, they would change the ID name plates on both ships, turning the newly completed Titanic into the Olympic, and the older more unreliable Olympic into the Titanic. They would then have the Olympic sail as the Titanic on her maiden voyage, but have something go wrong, and sink the Olympic, leaving the public, and most importantly, their insurance people, thinking the Titanic sunk on her maiden voyage. The two men thought this plan was great, they would have gotten rid of the nightmare they named Olympic, and be able to collect the insurance money on the Titanic.

The plan they thought, was fool proof. They would have another ship in the area, so that when the Olympic was sinking, they would be able to save all the passengers and crew, and in turn, Whitestar line would be hailed as heroes.

Sunday April 14th 1912. J Bruce Ismay, had found the perfect answer to his one small problem in the plan to sink the ship. They had no way of truly explaining the actual sinking, that is, until the actual day of the sinking. Captain E.J. Smith, had been recieving a lot of iceberg warnings, so knowing this, J Bruce Ismay ordered the captain to take the ship, full steam ahead. During the course of the day, the ship also made an unscheduled course change ( no one knows who gave the order to change course, and no one knows why ) This course change put the ship onto a direct path with a huge iceberg, that had been reported to the bridge, earlier that day. This course change, was also a big mistake, it took the ship further away from the ship, that was to be the rescue ship.


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