Friday, April 9, 2010

A day in normal life

A day in normal life – it was suppose to be a normal life but it changed to be a tragedy . It was on Feb 23 2010 Monday . It was my day off the long awaited day of that weak . usually before my day off I used to sleep late night watching movies , roaming around .
On Monday I was planning to pay my semester fee in my college . I am doing part time BE in Chennai . it was morning 6.30 I suddenly woke up without any sign of sleepiness , might be I had a bad dream or something . I was having a sever head ach due to sudden change in situation . my mom gave me the tea and after that I was feeling normal . but I was bothered about something which I don’t know , my mind was asking questions what was the dream about again and again .
It was 9.00 am . My mom and dad started for office and I planned to finish of my work going to college for my fee . I started at 9.30 and reached at 10.15. But till then my mind was boggling about what was the dream . After I paid the fee I started to return home. when I was coming near a signal on seeing the bright red light it seems I am having dejavu . I was having a feeling I was in that situation before and my heart started to pound fast . I was having a wired feeling that the things which are happening now have already happened before . yes it was so original the I started to see what s going to happen next . Suddenly I saw I am meeting with accident and my heart stopped and could feel my chest become very cold . without my knowledge I applied the disc so fast that I got flipped off from my bike and rolled over the road and landed in front of the bus . But it all happened within a second .
After a heavy blow in my hand I could feel my hand is broken and I cant lift it anymore . But due the shock I was in panic and I got scared of the public who came to help me and ran to my bike . I tried to lift my bike with pain and got help from a person near by . I immediately started my bike and moved with my broken hand with pain . I was not myself at that time , I am sure I was unconscious but still I was driving .
Once i reached my flat I dropped the bike and fell down and fainted . on seeing me my neighbors ran to me for help and I got admitted in hospital . After 12 hrs of sleep I woke up and say my hand was plastered and my family was near me . after that accident doctor strictly advised not take bike anymore .
But I am a teenager . Will I listen to doctor . NOW WAY . now I got new bike which can go up to 140 Kms / Hr .

But the good thing at the end of the day is I found out what I was dreaming about .

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