Friday, April 30, 2010

Bonhomme Richard

Treasure." He wrote that a Sidney Wignall of Wales, Britain, 'found what is about absolutely the bones of the Bonhomme Richard.' This was account to me, so I contacted my administrator in London who tracked bottomward Wignall.

We began corresponding. His ancillary browse analysis off Flamborough Head, area it was declared the Richard sank afterwards her ballsy action with the British frigate Serapis, showed three shipwrecks which he swore had to accommodate Jones' ship.

We again began planning a deliver dive. Talk about putting a 427 AC Cobra agent in the trunk. For two rain-filled weeks I stood like a copy and watched Wignall accomplish every aberration in the book. No bones had alike been articular yet and we had two bags of dive equipment, including a decompression tank. Our campaign address was a absolute champ too. A aged old minesweeper that went bottomward with all easily in the North Sea a few months afterwards we accountant her. She was alleged the Keltic Lord, but absolutely didn't attending like one.

The British aggregation were appropriate guys, but operated in apathetic motion. My acclaimed accent occurred back one of the ship's aggregation helped the bank aggregation on lath one morning from a bedimmed in a four bottom sea. They gave an abetment to anybody but me. I was larboard in the baiter disturbing with briefcase, camera accessories and an armload of abyssal charts. Properly ignored, I somehow flopped over the balustrade with different bruises and a battery of four letter words. It wasn't the aboriginal time. I about accustomed beneath account than Rodney Dangerfield.

I accumulated the absolute aggregation in the galley and captivated up my appropriate hand, cogent them that no amount the calamity, typhoon, flat wave, underwater agitable access or fire, their aboriginal assignment was to assure that hand. The sea of blank, awestruck faces was invigorating. The allurement was befuddled out and one of them had to ask.

"What's so appropriate about your hand?"

With my finest fox-like attending I replied. "Because that's the duke that writes the checks."

The point was made, and I accustomed the able account due my wallet thereafter.

Marty Klein and Gary Kosak showed up with their Klein ancillary browse and we commenced to search. Of the three wrecks, one looked vaguely able from the recorder readings. Gary and two Brits affable on the bones and appear it as an adamant address that we after articular as the Charing Cross, a freighter that was torpedoed in Apple War I. The added two ships from Wignall's aboriginal analysis were the Commonwealth and the Chicago, both freighters sunk by WWI U boats.

So abundant for NUMA's aboriginal ambush expedition. I anticipate I can candidly say it was an amateur disaster.

One of the defined brought up and presented me with a chestnut faucet from a bore central one of the wrecks.

It is the alone antiquity I've anytime kept. And why not? That has to be the best big-ticket faucet in the world. If you agnosticism me, I can still appearance you the bills from the expedition.

That accursed faucet is all I accept to appearance for $80,000

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