Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FBI Fugitives

FBI top ten most wanted fugitives
Usama bin Laden -( Saudi Arabian ) Murder of many non muslim nationals , Terrorist attack on United states federal facility causing more damage to government .
Eduardo Ravelo - ( Mexico ) Involved in Racketeering activity , Possess highest level in HEROIN , COCAINE and MARIJUANA smuggling.
Jason D Brown - ( California ) wanted for Murder armed robbery , Killed a armored guard outside movie theater and fled with money .
James J Bulger - ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Leader of crime organization , involved in numerous murders , Controlled Extortion , Drug deal and other illegal activities , Said to carry a knife at all time .
Joe Luis Saenz - ( Los angeles ) Killed two rival gang members . Kidnapped , raped and murdered his girlfriend .
Robert W. Fisher - ( Brooklyn ) Allegedly killing his wife and two young children and blowing up the house which they all lived in scottsdale , Arizona
Victor M. Gerena Ortiz - ( Ney York ) Involved in armed robbery ( $7 million ) , Took two security security employees hostage at gun point and handcuffed , bound and injected them with unknown substance
Glen S. Godwin - ( Miami ) involved in series of murder and drug trafficking and jailed . 1987 he escaped from Folsom state prison in California
Seva Moguilevich - ( Kiev , Ukraine ) Alleged participant in a multi million dollar scheme in a public company
Alexis Flores - ( Honduras ) Involved in kidnapping and murder of a five year old girl in Philadelphia .

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