Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2012 end ?

Seven wonders of the world ?

seven is a unlucky no to the world . in Dec 12 2010 it is said to be the expiry date of the world .

Reasons ????

The Seven major reasons are

Mayan calender
Sun storms
atom smasher
Super volcano
The physicists
Earth’s magnetic field
Bible says it

There are several . Starting from Mayan to Bible

Only the weakest of minds would believe this

There are scientific reasons behind this predictions

Humans causes : Michelangelo L. Mangano particle physicist is creatng a machine to smash atom to study its structure and to find whats making the universe so thick . It is said that the power it generates is capable of crushing all the particles in this planet .

sun storms : According to NASA the sun emitting solar flares are starting to create impact on power grids and water sources . The heat generated by the sun will be at its peak in up coming years ( 2012 approximately ) . This effect can be witnessed in rise in earth temperature .

super volcano : Yellow stone park in US is sitting on the top of the worlds biggest volcano in which the pressure developing is at constant steady rate . At this speed it will erupt in around 2012 . The ashes it generates will cover the ozone layer of the earth and the earth temperature will go below minus , And the state will prevail for more than 6 months time

Earth magnetic field : The earth pole is swapping every year at the rate of 25-30 Kms and at the end when it ends it tends to destroy the Ozone layer causing UV rays to directly fry anything in its vision

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