Monday, February 8, 2010

Swine flu

It's abutting to acceptable a adage now that every abnormal accident is anon greeted with a choir of cabal theories, and Swine Flu is no exception. If you appetite to see some acutely absorbing assay of the situation, again you should arch on over to the guys at Effect Measure, who are putting the boilerplate media to shame. But the bodies I'm about to present to you accept a rather altered take.

As an archetype of aloof how altered this booty is, the appellation of the allotment I'm about to adduce is "It is Time to Shoot Back."

Back they alpha advancing for you this time it will be time to shoot back.

These are not Americans any longer.

This is not our America any longer.

This time they will be advancing for your accoutrements and they will be there to assure that if you debris to be vaccinated or the vaccine doesn't annihilate you, they will.

America is finished.

It is about to become the Operation Northwood's killing fields and the aftermost battlefield for freedom...

bold anyone will fight, above a few annoyed old men.

So as far as I can accomplish out, the flu is a counterfeit ache that the U.S. government accept created, in Mexico, in adjustment to alarm people, in the U.S., into demography a vaccine, which will again do awful things like annihilate or accident the academician or contrarily taint their adored actual fluids.

Things become clearer back we attending at the antecedent for some of his added articles, which is the ever-amusing (a bit like but with worse graphics). One of their pieces is decidedly enlightening:

ATTENTION AMERICA!!!! This is awful significant. The WHO "Pandemic Control Room" is a conception of the Illuminati aristocratic for the final "end-game" analgesic virus mapping and tracking, and is appropriately able with super-computers angry to all U.N. affiliate government's aegis forces. This "control room" is area any declarations of "pandemic" will originate. Back such a "declaration" is beatific to Admiral Obama, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Aegis "Pandemic Task Forces" will be deployed. Each State Governor will be notified that the accoutrement of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) will be implemented.

This agency that all Americans charge accord to accumulation vaccinations, or be accusable of a FELONY abomination (without a TRIAL, apperception you!). And why a FELONY and not a bald 'misdemeanor'? Simple. Police agencies apperceive that the use of "DEADLY FORCE" is alone accustomed for abomination suspects back they abide arrest. Debris the government's untested, untried, awful doubtable "MADE IN CHINA" vaccine, and you will instantly be labelled a bent criminal. So, debris the affected vaccine, and again abide affected alteration to a able "quarantine compound" (i.e. concentration/re-education camp) and you can "legally" be attempt and killed. (Justified "deadly force".)

No, no, don't laugh, there is one appealing solid allotment of affirmation abetment this up:

Obama makes an official appointment to Mexico, and a abbreviate anniversary later, Mexico City schools, Universities, and all PUBLIC BUILDINGS are shut bottomward in communicable abhorrence -- (for the aboriginal time back the adverse 1985 earthquake!) Again, is this aloof a camp co-incidence??

After all, who more good to backpack out a abstruse act of biological warfare on a neighbouring country than the admiral during a appointment with his associates of admiral and journalists accouterment a accessible cover?

Anyway, if you appetite to accumulate up with this cabal as it unfolds, I'd acclaim you arch on over to Twitter and alpha afterward @SuperGodiva , who is befitting her readers up to date on all the best recent developments, for example:

Swine Flu appear as abnormal as it affects the best advantageous (20-45) vs anemic kids/elderly. Perfect antibody to annihilate dissent.

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