Monday, March 8, 2010


Money ? food ? shelter ? style ? popularity ?....
What u brought when you r born so you are asking for . Nothing !!!
Then why do we kill our self and wanting others to kill us to .
At some point of time you are being sold of hired . Where is the originality in u .
For whom ur doing this . Ru sure abt the future . If yes “ are u the designer of life “
Instead running for everything y don’t we think what we have now .
Starting from morning . u wake up and see the beautiful morning wow that’s nice . U know around the world it is estimated about 40 million people who doesn’t have the luck to see things which u does .
These nature . I am not speaking green house or Ozone . I am mentioning daily day today when we go to office those small little puppies in front of our bus stop playing with each other everyday morning . Even they have got same horrible future like we does but they don’t care abt it
Don’t think our future and all living things future are different . At least for us we have our parents or relatives or our friends to guide us . But for them nobody . Still they lead their life happily .
What we get in fighting in office ? do we know what is the condition of our subordinated to go for fight with them . show kindness in every body . that is what we want in life

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